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Attract Businesses in Milwaukee, WI

Building a city to become one of the major metropolitan urban areas in the United States is not easy. However, Milwaukee, WI has grown to an extent of emerging in the list of top cities in the United States. This urban center has history and stories to tell about what it has in terms of economy, population, and social growth. This paper examines the key aspects regarding Milwaukee, WI to give you a clear overview regarding the above factors.

Location and population

Milwaukee, WI is located in the state of Wisconsin, United States. It is also situated on the southwest shore of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee County. The 2010 census showed that Milwaukee, WI has a population of 594,833 and is home to Boost Digital Marketing an SEO Company in Milwaukee and one of the largest ServiceMaster franchise in WI.


This city tress its origin from missionary works and fur trading activities associated with early 19th century colonial times. The exploration by French Canadian explorer, Solomon Juneau lead to the development of bigger part of this city called Juneau town in 1818. This city came to existence in 1846 when Juneau town combined with other two towns to create a city. In the 1840s the high number of German immigrant help to increase the city population and economy activity hence making it expand quicker.

This city is also known for brewing tradition plus partying and drinking lifestyle. That’s why it has been nicknamed severally as brew city, cream city, Beertown and the city of festival.

Rating and government

Milwaukee, WI is the largest city in Wisconsin, and it is the 31st most popular cty in United States of America. Milwaukee city is managed by stronger mayor-council headed by Tom Barrett. Besides brewing industry, this city host many other companies that contribute heavily both to the state GDP and federal government.


Milwaukee, WI has so many attractions ranging from luxurious lake adventurous activities to education and historical attraction. Lake Michigan acts as an excellent source of attraction since it permits numerous activities including snorkeling, windsurfing, and ethnic diving. Besides that, museum and art centers provide an opportunity of learning a broad range of historical remains of this city. Such institutions include Milwaukee art museum, Grohmann Museum, Haggerty Museum and Charles Allis Art Gallery. On science, city enshrines important institutions that have diverse and historical advantages. For instance, Milwaukee public museums well known for human history study while discovery world museum, concentrate in scientific and sea related discoveries.

Milwaukee, WI offers you an opportunity to learn many things that shaped a better America. This city not only contributes economically to America but also socially, and politically. Although it is already big, it is still expanding to accommodate the growing needs. No doubt, Milwaukee, WI is among the best place to live in America.